Let me out right NOW!

Tonight, when I put Clemmy in his cage for the night, he did something I’ve never seen him do. He started pacing the bottom of his cage at top speed. Usually when I close the cage, he sits on one of the upper perches and pouts. Not tonight! I tried to capture him on film, but he has an uncanny way of knowing that I’m taking a photo or filming him. When I photograph him with my giant camera with its giant lens, it takes him a while to settle into it being in his face. In the blackberry video, he slowed down version and after I stopped, he sped right back up, but this still shows what he was doing. Oh, and that’s not Clementine making all that racket in the video, it’s the budgies.Those crazy birds are loud Loud LOUD!

And here’s a snapshot of Clem acting as little helper. When I arrived at the house, he was hiding on the ground and while I got Pippin’s dinner ready, he hopped on my foot, climbed up my leg, and settled on my dog waste bag dispenser and holder. I took three shots before I got one of his face. He’d look up at me while I was taking the shot and then turn his head away at the last second. What a (super cute) diva!


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