Another reason I dislike people so much:

This is a video of Shiloh. (You might need to turn your sound down and please ignore the poor quality.)

Before he came to the farm, he spent almost twenty four hours a day in a pen that wasn’t even big enough to turn around in. To cope with that, he developed this obsessive habit to calm himself down.

Even though he has copious room to roam at Winslow, a huge pen, people who love and care for him, and friends with whom to frolic, the stress of what he experienced lives on inside him. Nothing can wash away his past.

I watched him for at least ten minutes before I was called away.

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One response to “Another reason I dislike people so much:

  1. It is a a disgrace to see how people can be so inhumane! I only hope the rest of us who care for animals can make up for their unacceptable behavior!

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