Can’t wait until Monday!

My car decided that it was tired and had had enough. So after driving the remaining three miles home while it yelled at me all the way – no thank you to me being stranded somewhere – it was towed away on Saturday. And due to their schedules at the auto shop, and my schedule (well, Matt’s really), I didn’t have it back until Friday. I think this is my fourth cancellation at the farm (three snowstorms and now this) and every time, I feel terrible. Terrible that I’m letting down the animals, worse that I’m letting down Deb and even a little bit worried that I might be replaced, although I didn’t replace someone when I started volunteering…

But mostly, I miss interacting with the animals.  These little moments weave their way through the rest of my week, saturating me until I return. I only spend about two hours on the farm each week, so missing a day leaves a giant hole in my psyche. I’m hoping that once I have a job (anyone need a theatrical/creative writing/animal fanatic/photographer employee???) and have a regular schedule that I’ll be able to devote more time to being ensconced in fuzz (the delightful combo of fur and feathers, of course). But until then, I’m sending out a plea to my car to knock it off; I really need my Monday afternoons on the farm.


Don’t keep me from this little lady!

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