So, last week in Hawaii…

My brother got married on a beautiful beach in Maui. What a terrible place to have to take a vacation. Or completely the opposite! I made friends with the locals while I was there. The feathered ones…

During the ceremony rehearsal, this egret hung out near by. And by that, I mean he followed us around the whole time from a foot or two away. I actually got chastised by my mom for “missing some good shots” as I was completely distracted by him.

He liked eating lizards. I liked not watching.

This little guy was fortunate enough not to become one of his tasty snacks.

I also spent a lot of time watching the birds around the resort who spent 90% of their time looking for a meal. They were bold enough to land on tables while people were eating. Lots of people shooed them away, but I was “that guy” and encouraged them. They were way too cute!


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2 responses to “So, last week in Hawaii…

  1. jaymeaumann

    I looked up egrets in Hawaii and found your post about your trip. I had the same experience, I wanted to befriend all the birds ♡

    • Very cool! I befriended the feral cats when I was there, too. I even picked one up but that ended up not working out so well. :D Thanks for stopping by!

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