New season, new schedule

My personal schedule is changing a bit and, most likely, I will not be doing Monday afternoons on the farm anymore. So I am trying out Sunday afternoons instead. In terms of workforce, the weekends are very different than weekdays.  Most Mondays have an average of six people helping out, but there were kids everywhere when I worked two Sundays ago. I think I counted 15 volunteers in all.

When Deb and I discussed the change in days and duties, it was clear that my role at the farm would be different. Instead of feeding and taking care of the small barn, I would start massaging those in need (I took an in-depth seminar on animal massage a few years ago) and make sure the residents are happy. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Pet my friends? Yes, please! Stop hauling around heavy buckets and wheelbarrows full of manure? Works for me! It’s a dream assignment. But I have to say that I felt kind of lost that first Sunday. I wandered around a lot. Did a lot of sitting. Don’t get me wrong, I loved hanging out with the animals. I even gave the bunny a little massage! But lacking specific responsibilities, I felt somewhat useless.

This past week, I went on Monday and went about my usual duties in the little barn. I felt like I’d accomplished something when I left. Deb even commented to me, “You seem like you’re in your element.” And she was right! I knew exactly what to do. I didn’t need to invent my tasks. And when everything was completed, the animals were fed and happy and the place was clean.

This next week might be my final Monday or maybe it’ll be the one after that. Regardless, in the near future, I will only have Sundays and it’s going to be different. Will I get used to it? Yes. Will I love it? I know I will! But just as I felt somewhat out of place when I first started volunteering on the farm and took on the responsibilities at the barn, it’s going to take time to adjust. I can guarantee one thing though. Every week, Gully will still be getting his hugs!

Isn’t Jezebel beautiful?

Lunar, checking out the foliage.

Friends for life.

Nap time…

For everybody!

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