Gully, the goat, is a crafty one!

Gully is all about breaking out of his pen when I bring hay through to put over into Spirit’s area. This week, however, I was a bit behind on getting his food prepared (made even longer by the fact that I took photos of this) and he decided to go right to the food source.

“Oh, hey there!”


“Soon the grain will be mine!”


“Almost there…”




Don’t forget to join Gully and me on the farm on Sunday afternoons (@mindingtheminis). Have a great week!


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6 responses to “Gully, the goat, is a crafty one!

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  2. Hi Devon, I totally found this blog by accident . Although I live in Atlanta now, I grew up in a really small town and loved the goats my family had as a child. I shared this post on my animal Facebook page,

    • Hi there! So sorry I haven’t responded. I haven’t been on my blog recently due to work and am returning shortly to it (the blog, that is!). Thank you so much for commenting! Goats are amazing, aren’t they? I was surrounded by them this morning. I watched as a dwarf goat named Rosie held her own against one of the large goats. Super cute. I’ve liked your page on FB. I hope you’ll visit again! ~Devon~

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