Saying goodbye is hard every single time.

My sweet, sweet friend Pandy passed away this morning. She had lymphatic cancer which spread through her body. For a number of weeks, she was running around playing, almost a new dog. This last week, she started to go into decline. I was able to say goodbye to her yesterday and she was doing ok when I left Deb’s house. This morning, her decline was rapid. I was unable to be with her during her last moments, but there will be a burial tomorrow and I visited with her when she returned from the vet.

Deb, the wonderful life force that is Winslow Farm, had surgery on Wednesday and has been in the hospital since and was unable to spend Pandy’s last days with her. Considering the grief I am experiencing right now, I can only imagine hers and I am waiting to hug her tomorrow. If anyone is interested in making a donation to Winslow Farm in Pandy’s memory, please contact me. Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary is an unbelievable place. The animals who are lucky enough to live out their lives there are so well cared for and loved. I can’t imagine my life without Winslow in it.

I’ll miss you and your pine cones, Pandy. I love you so much.

Pandy, sweet Pandy


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3 responses to “Saying goodbye is hard every single time.

  1. Sad news…thinking of you :)

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