Bring Blossom Home

One of the sweetest goats I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing has been stolen from Winslow Farm. I can’t even believe I’m typing these words. That she still hasn’t been found with all of the focus this case has on it. But it’s a fact.

Winslow Farm is offering a no-questions-asked reward for her return. Please click on the link for more information. I personally hope that Blossom is returned without accepting the reward as every dollar that goes to the farm stays there feeding the animals, treating their medical needs, and caring for each one until their last breath, but it shows how important every animal is to the sanctuary.

I posted the following on my social media pages, but am including it here as well, in the hopes that someone out there knows something.

Blossom is still missing. The farm has been scoured for any signs of her. She is not there. Her loss is devastating to those who love her, which seems to include anyone who has met her.

After her dinner with the other goats, Blossom likes to wander around. She often climbs onto this picnic table and eats extra snacks Deb makes for her.

A little background on this sweet creature. Blossom came to the farm unable to walk, let alone stand on her own, due to neglect. She lived in the cat shelter when she first arrived; a small, emaciated pile of goat. Her outlook was bleak.

Deb (and Dan, staff, vets, and volunteers) worked tirelessly to help Blossom regain her strength. Among myriad strategies, she was put in a contraption that allowed her legs to stretch while keeping her off of the ground. Eventually she was able to hold herself up and finally walk.

Blossom’s recovery felt miraculous. She became an ambassador for perseverance, a mascot for overcoming major life challenges. She endured so much and came out a happy little friend who bleats hello to anyone she encounters.

Winslow Farm is a haven for animals who have suffered known and unknown, unfathomable atrocities in their former lives. They’re given a chance to live the life they deserved all along. They are finally home. For someone to enter this safe and protected place and take an animal away from it, for any reason, is incomprehensible.

Taken three weeks ago, the way she stood there—leaves dangling, innocence personified—caught me off-guard at how precious she is.
We miss Blossom’s little teefs and wonky horns. But most of all, we miss her sweet voice. How someone could rip her away from her home is baffling. I can’t wrap my head around it.

Please help us find Blossom and bring her back home.

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