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List of Loves

A collection of little things about my little ones that grab my heart:

I love how loudly Quinny purrs. It’s in stereo.

I love when Tabitha covers her face while she sleeps. And how she lets out those glorious teeny cat sighs that cause instantaneous melting when she stretches.

I love that Milo grooms everyone, even though it usually leads to cat punches from the others, but often ends up with hugs as well.

I love that Piper eats things like green beans and bananas and comes running down from upstairs when he hears an opening peel.

I love that when Quinny gets spooked, his entire tail puffs out to about three times its original size. His hackles are turbo charged.

I love when Milo takes cuddle naps with me. He’s persistent about getting under my arm just…like…so.

I love that if one of the cats is coughing up a hairball, the others will crowd around them with curiosity and that Tabitha will stick her nose in their face.

I love being greeted in the middle of the night by a needy Piper. He reserves this rare affection only for this time frame. I get to hold him for a few minutes while he purrs and clings to me.

I love that Quinny is an expert at playing catch and it’s even better when all I can see are his pinned back ears and saucer eyes looming over the end of the couch in anticipation.

I love that Milo will bite his own tail any time I present it to him. I know he doesn’t love this but I appreciate him putting up my laughter, because come on, it’s hilarious.

I love getting a (rare, of course) day time head butt from Piper. He uses a lot of force to let me know that he really means it.

I love how much time Tabitha spends in objects that weren’t intended for cat visitors, like boxes and bags.

I love that when I need a cat on my lap, Milo is always there.

I love that Piper is the largest out of the four, by a substantial amount, and yet he releases only the tiniest of cries, and only with a lot of coaxing.

I love that his sister Tabitha is half his size and has the loudest meow of all. She’s also the best conversationalist.

I love the way Quinny bumps his butt against me to tell me he loves me. It’s his little dance move, delightfully accented by the way he pauses right before he does it.

I love watching the cats kiss hello, especially if one is sitting on the couch and the other has to reach up on hind legs to do so.

I love when I go up to the bedroom and find all four cats piled on top of each other.

I love it even more when they make a little space for me.

A few stolen moments…




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