Dancing in the Rain

Yesterday I took two of my furry friends, Ginger and Chance, to the beach in the rain. I know it sounds kind of odd but they needed to run around and I hoped that the rain would make people think twice about venturing there.

When the parks and beaches are full, I stay far, far away. I’m not the type who goes to a beach or a dog park and stands around chatting with the other owners and caretakers waxing poetic on the dogs. Most of these conversations are filled with unwanted advice, usually given by other caretakers, or those fishing for compliments about their precious cargo. Unfortunately, parks and other public places have become infested with hired walkers who bring six dogs and spend the time missing half of what the dogs are doing and not picking up after them and yet still try to prove how spectacular they are at their job by telling you something you already know and oblivious owners who don’t understand when their dog is playing and when it’s being aggressive. I’ve personally gotten in the middle of fights between dogs to break them up while the clueless owner stands by slack-jawed.

The concept behind these places is wonderful. It frees the dogs from the leashes and lets them release the wild that’s built up inside them. They can meet new friends and romp around with their housemates. Dog heaven! But spending the entire time avoiding these people is exhausting! No thanks. I’ll take a dismal day free of the rif-raf any time.

When we arrived there were two other sets of people and dogs and with that much space on the beach, I was able to walk around admiring the rushing water while only talking to the dogs, happy as clams, making giant footsteps in the wet sand.

Today, however, we are staying in:

I’m not THAT crazy about rain!

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