Wading Through the Pieces

We had some pretty crazy storms this weekend. There was no power at Ginger and Chance’s house for two days. Yesterday was a maze of fallen trees. We often had to turn around and search out a new route to get to the beach. Just getting to their house was a challenge.

The other way was even worse as a HUGE tree had tangled up in the power lines and wrapped itself around them pulling everything to the ground. I couldn’t get close enough for a good shot though.

So off we went on our adventure to a different beach this time. This one has the main entrance but then a long wall off to the side where we veered off.  Ominous skies loomed as they barreled on ahead.

I looked down and saw a starfish. As I spent more time looking down, I realized that there were hundreds where we were walking, along with crabs and all sorts of other creatures. Exhausted from the storm, waiting for the tide to take them back out, they lined the beaches. I thought about trying to save them. I flipped a bunch back over. I righted crabs that were upside down, many of whom lost limbs, and had barely enough energy to move. But I knew there were too many to help them all and that trying to help only a few would make me feel worse. My only hope was that because the sand was very wet and with the flooding everywhere, the waters would welcome them back soon enough.

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