Sunny Days!

Finally! A beautiful day! We went to the same beach as last time and explored the other side this time. Lots of swimming and wrestling and running around ensued. I even snuck along one of the nikons on this trip.

“It’s my favorite place to be!!!” Chance always sits down in the water and it looks funny every time. This photo fails to capture exactly how silly and cute he looks, but at least it gives you an idea of how happy he is.

Done for the moment, he propels himself out of the water.

Ginger is much daintier and likes to dip just her legs and belly in. Here they are investigating the scene:

Time for a brief ruff and tumble:

Walking in their pack of two, the best buds trundle on down the beach.

Time to go home. “Don’t mind us! We’ll take the wet way!”

Can’t wait till next time with these fantastic beauties.

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  1. Pure happiness. These are so well done, Devon.

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