Horses and fashion!

I attended my first fashion photo shoot (ever) at work on Tuesday and spent much of the time hanging out with the two featured horses and their great owners. These two ladies answered SO many questions that I had about horses, horseback riding and their own experiences. I really appreciated their insights and how willing they were to part with the info. If you read this, Nancy and Jill, thank you for teaching me so much!

I meant to bring my Nikon with me but wasn’t sure how the day would play out so I didn’t. Next time I definitely will. But I have to say how happy I am with the quality of my iPhone, and it’s not even the newest generation. These boys, Chester and Cowboy, helped a great deal by standing still. They could teach the other animals in my life a thing or two about that!

This is Chester, contemplating the world outside his window as he patiently waited his turn. I watched as his hair was braided and he was so good while being poked and prodded. The photo doesn’t show off the work, but it was intricate.

Aaaaaand here he is grabbing a snack.

His cutie face! He was the busiest of the two horses, so I didn’t have as much of an opportunity to take photos of him as I did of his friend Cowboy. I took this after his modeling duties were finished and he was much more interested in asking for more carrots at this point than sitting still for a photo, but there’s no denying how handsome he is!

And this is Cowboy! He sat in the barn looking out at Chester, wondering why he wasn’t getting any carrots (to be honest, Chester was only getting to look at the carrots too, so he was probably thinking the same thing).

Time for your closeup, Cowboy!

The muscle definition on these gorgeous horses was intense and impressive. And they were so tall. I felt like the miniest-me standing next to them.

I can’t wait until the next photo shoot. I hope my new friends will be there!

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