A new furry friend!

Meet Cookie!


I’d never met him before Sunday. Never even seen him in fact, but Deb said that he’s been there for a while. He popped out of the woodwork while I was hanging out with Pandy and hung out with me (he was pretty hissy at her) for a while. I’ve never seen a cat willing to roll around in the snow so I was happy that I caught this little guy on tape doing just that.

I also discovered quickly that he’s the type to be SUPER affectionate and then give you a hearty swipe to let you know who’s in charge. So, we kept our friendship at arm’s length. I’m always happy when I make new kitty friends at the farm and Cookie was no exception.


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8 responses to “A new furry friend!

  1. it’s cute and everybody knows cats are the most faithful animals

  2. I love my cat too. Cat are just the most amazing creatures. Mine is a Maine Coon and is all that they he is.

    • Ooh, Maine Coons are beautiful! My cats are all DSHs and I’ve yet to see a Maine Coon at Winslow Farm. There are all sorts of long-haired beauties there though. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Funny, that cat really seems a lot more comfortable hanging out in the snow barefoot than I would be in shoes or boots!

  4. Hi! I hope you don’t mind but I have nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award! Here’s the link
    Crazy cat that…rolling in the snow! :)

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