Rabbit, Rabbit

I learned a few weeks back that rabbits LOVE donuts! Because of that adventure, I’ve become friendly with a few standoffish ones who live in an enclosure with a few doves. Due to the snow and the fact that one of the bunnies is black, my camera got really confused with the lighting and I love the results.

Here’s half of the super cute pair and it’s also a way to show perspective on what it actually looked like at the moment.


This is his friend…


Even he’s smirking at the interesting lighting!


Happy New Year, everyone!

May 2013 be everything that you wish it to be.


Filed under bunnies, photography, winslow farm

4 responses to “Rabbit, Rabbit

  1. Patty Lucas

    May you have enough – enough love, enough money, enough hope and enough of everything else you have Happy New Year!

  2. We’ve got a couple of bunnies living under our porch and shed – maybe I should have Maximus offer some donuts as a peace offering. He loves to run them around the yard!

    • Eeee! Bunnies!! I’m sure that Maximus can’t resist them. He’s just about their size, too, right? Definite donut intervention. Thanks for commenting!

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