Reader Appreciation Award!

This is a great day! I was given the Reader Appreciation Award by Elle!reader-appreciation-award

Thank you!! Check out her wonderful blog  at

The Reader Appreciation Award Rules:

1. Link back to the person who nominated you. Ta-da! (see above)

2. Attach the icon to your site. Will do!

3. Answer the attached questions. Coming up…

4. Nominate 6 bloggers who you feel deserve this award. See below!

Onto the questions. Good luck getting one word answers out of me!

1. What is your favorite color?
purple, Purple, PURPLE!

2. What is your favorite animal?
This is like picking your favorite child or pet. I love all the animals! But hedgehogs ? Monkeys? Slow lorises? Sloths??

3. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
Darjeeling,  flavored seltzer water & diet dr. pepper cherry (yay for those new soda machines that have a bazillion choices for flavors!)

4. What is your favorite number?
The complicated answer is 711 when it rhymes with Devon. The practical answer is 12.

5. What is your favorite day of the week?
Sunday. It’s Winslow Farm day!

6. What is your favorite flower?
Hen and Chicks, Little Mouse Ears Hosta (wait, was the question what’s your favorite plant?), I love all sorts of flowers, especially purple ones!

7. What is your passion?
Try and limit me on this question! Singing, writing, photography, caring for and about animals, animal rescue, meowing at my cats, and lots of other things.

8. Do you watch television?
I do. Through DVR and Netflix, though. I like lots of shows but I think that everyone should watch Community so that it stays on the air forever.

9. Who is your favorite author?
Ellen Emerson White, Anne Patchett and Jenny Lawson

10. Do you like 80′s movies?
Heathers is fanTAStic! And Willow isn’t what you think of as an “80’s movie” but it is by far my favorite movie EVER and was made in ’88.

11. How do you like your eggs?
Scrambled, over hard, hard-boiled, deviled. Now I want some eggs…

12. When did you discover blogging?
I guess my first real awareness was when Dave Barry had his blog through the Miami Herald. On my other blog, which I started writing in 2004, I kind of copied his format of linking to funny articles and commenting on them (it’s morphed a lot since then). I started writing Minding the Minis so that I could tell stories and share photos of the animals that I hung out with through the pet sitting business that I owned back in Connecticut.

13. Why do you like to blog?
I like sharing my experiences with other people. “Meeting” people with similar interests is also great! The blogging community is wonderful.

As for my nominations, these bloggers have been supportive about my blog through “likes” and comments and I appreciate it! I hope you’ll have as much fun with this award as I have! (And there is NO pressure to do it.)

Enjoy their blogs!


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8 responses to “Reader Appreciation Award!

  1. Congrats on your award, Devon. My mom’s favourite colour is also purple.

  2. Patty Lucas

    Congratulations, couldn’t think of anyone better!

  3. Congrats on the award! It’s nice to learn more about you

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