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I haven’t written in two months, so get ready for some photos!

My job is so busy and so wonderful but coming home at night to write has fallen away from me, I’m sad to report. My last post was about sweet Pandy’s passing and I still feel a pang for her each time I visit the farm.

I miss her so.


It’s all part of the bittersweet moments that make up being part of a rescue or having any animal in your life, really. The probability that you will experience their death is always there. So, take all the moments that you can with them.

Here are some photos of other friends at the farm that I’ve taken while my has sat waiting.


Athena was shorn along with the rest of the sheep at the beginning of May. Her face wasn’t entirely done so as she’s gotten more comfortable with me touching her (I’ve gotten to where I can pet her without needing to give her treats! Full body pets!), I’ve pulled off what I could. I happen to really like the look though, so mostly I just go for the pieces that are really loose.

And if you don’t like it, this is what Athena thinks of you!


The alpacas were shorn in the middle of June. This was actually a somewhat scary situation because there aren’t a lot of people willing to shear alpacas. It’s a dangerous undertaking for both the animals and the people involved, so unless the animals belong to the shearer, many won’t undertake the risk. Deb sent out pleas nationwide and finally someone came forward to do it. (Thank you!) Alpacas need to be shorn each summer so that they don’t overheat, which they can do very easily and it can be fatal. So, while they remained furry, we kept a special eye on them for signs of distress. I was thrilled to arrive a few weeks ago and see them sans fur!

First up, Pisca and Karolina. I especially love the patch of white that runs down Karolina’s back legs.


Ms. Noelle!


A cat nap is pretty glorious…


…any way you look at it!


Niko is going to have eye surgery soon and I am very happy about that. I haven’t posted about her in a long time, but she’s one of the cats who lives in Mooney’s barn (the name of the barn where Spirit, Lunar, Athena and Gully live) and she’s as sweet as ever, even when in terrible pain.


Willow and Spirit becoming friends!


There is a new structure near the big barn that was built for the goats. They’re kind of terrified of it though so it’s rare to actually see a goat on it. One afternoon, while feeding treats to Mervin at the end of my visit, I decided that he and I should go on an adventure.


Here he is checking out the structure. “I don’t think so…”


His opinion stayed on the “no, thank you” track until I pulled the treats back out.  And climb it we did! He discovered that there was tasty hay on the top, too. He even climbed around on the lower levels and followed me back up for a second trip.


My plan, when it’s not a million degrees out, is to do this with a bunch of goats.

Last week, my friends came to the farm so I spent time all over the farm with them. I haven’t seen my turkey love in forever! He was just as affectionate as always and I plan to get into the bird house again soon.


Noelle, mid-bite!


I haven’t seen the donkeys in forever. Jezebel is such a beauty and has the sweetest disposition. And she’s soooo soft.


They got to meet Gully and that’s always the greatest experience ever. (For me. He’s actually pretty standoffish with strangers.) Oh, Gully, my Gull. I love you endlessly.


And since it’s July, there are tons and tons of dragonflies around, so I’ll end this catch-up post with another one of my favorite creatures on this earth.


Have a happy week!

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Dragonflies everywhere!!!

Dragonflies are all over the farm right now. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to have significant experiences with a couple of them. While many have been flying very close to me, none were bold enough to let me get up close until a curious one landed on the fence last week and wasn’t scared when I walked up to it. I noticed that it had one back wing that was slightly crumpled. It didn’t seem to affect its flight though. It sat on the fence and stared at me and even let me put my face right up to it, so I got a great look at its old man mouth and huge eyes. It didn’t fly off until after I was distracted by and returned to Gully.

See how the wing is bent?

Look at its little open mouth!

Yesterday, however, I made even more progress with the local dragonfly population! This particular one had a very bright green head and a blue body. It happily danced and flitted about, landing on the fence and flinging itself away again. I’d try to approach and off it would go, only to land a few feet away. I patiently danced with it until, at last, it stayed and peered at me. I slowly reached out my hand and got it close enough so that my extended index finger was right in front of its face. Expecting the big launch, I was super excited when it stayed instead. I moved my finger a tiny bit closer and the dragonfly reached its two front legs out and grasped the tip of my finger!  I stayed like that for a few seconds and then very cautiously, I gave it a tiny nudge. And if it hadn’t happened to me, I wouldn’t have believed it: it climbed up onto my finger!! I stood like that for as long as I could stand it and then slowly turned my finger around and brought my hand so that it was about a foot from my face. I stared into that dragonfly’s shiny reflective eyes (different than those of the ones on the one from the week before), perfectly content. I milked it for as long as possible and then the dragonfly resumed its flight. I went to get my camera in the hopes that I’d be able to capture it on my hand again but all I could get were a few shots from a few feet away.

At least you can see the special dragonfly that became my friend!

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Tiny Aerialists

While going about my business this week, I flicked what I thought was one of the giant flesh-eating horse flies off of my head. Instead, I watched as a dragonfly did a swan dive off of me and landed on its back in the dirt. With any non-threatening bug or beetle, my reaction would be, “oh no! I’ve got to help!”, but with a dragonfly, that feeling goes so much deeper.

My kinship with dragonflies go back many many years. Instead of writing it out here, I am sharing a blog post from my other blog. I’m mainly doing this because there are photos and even a video on the post and they add to the story. Please take a moment to read the post here.

After that encounter, I started to interact more with dragonflies. I’ve noticed how willing they are to hang around and it thrills me to pieces. So potentially killing one that sought me out crushed me. I gingerly picked it up and, wanting to make sure it was ok, placed it on my shirt.

It stayed there for about half an hour while I carefully scooped the corral and got dinner ready for my other lovely friends. When I finally had a moment to focus, I turned my full attention on it. I did my sing-song request that I do to my cats when I want to hold them and I swear (and yes, I’m sure it was something completely unrelated but I’m the one living on this cloud), it lifted its two front legs and pushed them in and out way that was similar to a “pick me up” gesture. I put out a finger and the dragonfly climbed on. We stayed that way for a few minutes until it was ready to go. From there it flew up to the top of the barn door where I could keep an eye out. Eventually, while lost in my duties, it flew away.

I wish I had the words to encompass how the experience made me feel or to truly explain why I feel like I am so connected to these tiny creatures. Since moving to Mass, I’ve noticed more dragonflies and have had many small interactions with them, but having that dragonfly hold onto me like that was out of this world.

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